Looking for motivation? Here's what some our student's had to say:

- Simone Le Roux

"I have never dreamt of having this kind of job or that I would be enjoying myself this much. I'm also learning a lot.

I just had to let you guys know because wherever I'm heading now, all started at CAD Training Centre. The place where I learned to be strong, daring and smarter.


I cannot thank you guys enough for the wonderful changes you have made in my life. I will never forget you all. 

Continue with the good work."

- Aeysha Brenner

"I would like to thank you for going the extra mile in job applications and finding the perfect job for me.

The boutique is beautiful and I am loving every moment spent with clients trying on wedding dresses. The admin work can be a bit overwhelming at times but definitely rewarding too as I am learning more and more.


Lastly, thank you to the whole CAD team for all the patience and hard work invested in me. It has truly paid off indeed."

- Bonita Vogel

"I am really proud of myself for having accomplished what I have with the help of CAD Training Centre. It was a great pleasure to hear that I had made Eileen and Liz so proud and that they had referred me for this position.


To know that they both believed in me, which gave me so much confidence and when I was told that I had been chosen for the position with a really good salary - just made everything so perfect for me that words cannot describe how I felt."

Thank you for all the training that you provided for me.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go for the interview at Fast Forward now I've got the job.
Its my second week and I'm loving it!

I can truly see myself growing in this company. Once again thank you, thank you all for helping me with my course. Without you I wouldn't be able to sit where
I am right now.

- Thristin Bowman