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Microsoft Office Courses

A wide range of Microsoft office courses are being taught in Cape Town from CAD Training.

MS Word Course 2007 & 2010

1 week or 4 Sat. Mornings

MS Excel Course 2007 & 2010

3 days or 4 Sat. Mornings

MS Access Course 2000

2 days or 2 Sat. Mornings

MS Power Point Course 2007 & 2010

12hrs or 3 Sat. Mornings

Microsoft Office Course (excl Access)

2 weeks or 11 Sat. Mornings

Microsoft Office Course (with access)

2 weeks + 3 days or 13 Sat. Mornings

Microsoft Internet & Email

1 day or 1 Sat. Mornings

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The college open hours are: Monday – Thursday 9am – 3.30pm with a tea break 10.30am to 11.00am and lunch break from 1pm – 2pm, on Friday the college closes at 1pm and Saturday we open from 8.30am until 1pm